Pure, high-quality oils are the main ingredients in our soaps. We use organic oils as often as possible. We also use a lot of Finnish rape seed oil, which is a great base oil for soaps. In addition, we use organic coconut oil, softening and nutritious cocoa butter and rain-forest friendly palm oil. We also have a line in which we use a base of traditional olive oil.

We use mainly essential oils as fragrances. We develop our selection of fragrances continuously. We also have a fragrance-free soap in our selection. For some soaps, we use synthetic fragrance oils.

As colours, we use natural colourings as often as possible ( e.g. carrot juice, coffee, ultramarine). But because the natural colour scheme is pretty small scale, we use also artificial colourings.

All our products have a detailed list of ingredients stating all ingredients in descending order of weight.

Natural fragrances and colours may change somewhat as the product ages. This is part of the character of essential oils and natural colours. The colours and fragrances may also vary depending on the production batch. All our products have a use-by-date.